A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake

I have been putting this off for ages now. ”I am nogood with computers”,  ”I don’t know how a camera works”, ”I haven’t got the time right now” – one excuse after the other.  Most importantly I hate writing. I do however have a great passion for baking and creating sweet treats and I want to share this passion with you guys.

These days you will find the internet filled with tiny tots blogging about their kindergarten experience while your nan is running a successful travel blog. To each and everyone it seems being witty, sophisticated and/or clever in writing and sharing it with the rest of the world is just a piece of cake!

Luckily I am pretty good at producing actual pieces of cake and I am hoping this will be enough to save me where I lack in writing. So this being my first blog post ever I thought I would go easy on myself and spare myself from scary stuff like adding a recipe. I will however show you some pictures of a fun toadstool cake that I made this weekend for my niece Mia’s daughter Tova.

Mia and Tova live far away from me and we don’t get to see each other that often. Since it is Tova’s birthday in just a fortnight’s time I thought I would surprise her with a fun and fantastic cake just like the girl herself!

Wanting it to be a surprise I had to work pretty fast while Tova and her mother were out of my house for a few hours so the cake was just a simple vanilla sponge filled with some ”left overs” found in my freezer (strawberry puree made into a simple mousse with whipped cream and some gelatine, a salted caramel creme cheese frosting left over from making cup cakes and for a third layer I melted some milk chocolate raspberry truffles I have been meaning to dip into chocolate).

A pink toadstool – well that’swhat I call a piece of cake!


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