My Story

My Story

I only have a kitchen because it came with the house…

The above was and still is true in many cases when it comes to me and who I am. I have never been one to care much for cooking. I do love a nice home cooked meal as long as someone else has cooked it for me and I love a going to a great restaurant. My mum is a great cook and as me and my brother grew up he was the one that very early showed an interest in cooking so my mum let him experiment in the kitchen and as for me I never really saw the point. I was more interested in decorating and was taught things like painting and wallpapering instead. So at the age of 6 (with a little help of my grandmother) I did the wallpapering in my playhouse and at the age of 9 the entire redecoration of my bedroom including buying and paying for the wallpaper (it was brown with light brown palm trees and pink tigers with red stripes).

Years later I had to learn how to cook of course but the interest was never really there. So I always found myself in situations as the title above states ”I only have a kitchen because it came with the house…”. If I would invite someone over for dinner I would burn even the simplest of dishes and there was absolutely nothing that I was able to produce and bring to family gatherings at Christmas, Easter and such… My mum being a great cook also happens to be a great home baker and so I grew up with an abundance of cakes, cookies, desserts and all kinds of sweets. Anyway, I started thinking that maybe this is where my hidden talent lies… Well, I guess it wasn’t exactly a talent but now I have worked hard and practiced my skills for quite a few years and I have to admit that I have actually admit that I have actually found good use of both my kitchen and myself.

And over the past few years I have also come to enjoy cooking more and more so I might share a few savoury dinner recipes with you from time to time.

I hope you will enjoy what is cooking in my kitchen!